Using WordPress to Create You Blog

I talk a little bit about this on our Front/Introduction Page. Why create your own blog? Most people simply post on the “Big Social Media Sharing Sites” The big 3 these days are Facebook, Snap Chat, and Twitter.


I have just found these platforms to be too noisy. You have to dig thru so many Ad’s and just random “RePosts” I am kinda tired of “RePosts” and am definitely tired of Ad’s, or they use “Suggested Content”, or the “Because You Liked” this you may like this…just more of the big social sites analyzing your internet browsing history.

Ok, that was a bit of a rant.

I like having my own website to avoid this. I follow blogs and podcasts I am interested in. WordPress is a great FREE way to view what you want with out all the noise.

Click Logo to Sign Up for WordPress

Signing up is easy and you can find some amazing writers, photographers and just interesting people with cool blogs. Even if you don’t want to create your own blog, sign up so you can follow others.

I used to create online tutorials and/or Screencasts teaching people how to use the Apple Products. This was back in 2007 so we focused on how to use your iPhone, iPad and Macintosh Computers. I would be happy to help people learn how to create there very own WordPress Blogs. Just send me an E-Mail if you like to learn more.

Thanks, Dennis (My Contact Page)



Up at 5 am Ready to Go!

A lot Going on for a Sunday!

I woke up early ready to get busy. I want to take some pictures of the race on West Cliff Drive. Then post the pictures on my “Retired in Santa Cruz” Blog

Then head to the Boat and see if my repairs worked. Fingers Crossed!

Need to Share my Video of Paul’s work with Paul, Caroline and Ray.

And last but certainly not least call about “New House”

Oh yeah I need to Exercise ! I am getting the daily writing down, time to fix the body as well as the mind.