Move from Retired in Santa Cruz…


Hi Everyone, Thank you all for stopping by my “Retired in Santa Cruz” WordPress site.

We will soon be moving to a new domain and home on the web.

That’s Epic Films of Santa Cruz . com

I started out using the “” to get an idea and feel for our new venture. What I have learned is that there are amazing stories all over this little coastal town.

Mike Ziegler once said “every Picture Tells a Story…Don’t It”

So moving pictures can tell amazing stories.

We use a combination of old school “tape” cameras along with new 4k video. It makes for an interesting way to tell stories, the History of this little town full of talented people.

We will be up and running at our new domain by June 1st 2017.

Until then please follow us here. That way it will make a smooth transition to our new web design.

Thanks Denny


Christy Lynn IN & OUT

A couple days ago we finally got to pull out our 1987 Chris Craft 294 Catalina Express. A fancy title for an RV on the Ocean!

This boat takes us on amazing adventures which we plan to film!

The man I bought this boat from took amazing care of this classic Chris Craft Cruiser. I am the third proud owner of this vessel. I have owned the boat for 18 months. After I bought the boat i had it surveyed by Captain Joe Rodgers. He said be sure to take care of your bottom. So here I am. It will be out of the water and in the “Boat Yard” for all of next week.

Getting many things done:

  1. New bottom paint
  2. Check and re seal all through hulls
  3. Check Props
  4. Installing a new Tow Hook
  5. Installing a Depth finder/Fish Finder (Furmuo) Thanks to my buddy Dave!

and last but not least…Time to ReName Her!

Any Ideas? 

*Thanks for watching this short film created by Denise Freitas

Thanks Denny