Move from Retired in Santa Cruz…


Hi Everyone, Thank you all for stopping by my “Retired in Santa Cruz” WordPress site.

We will soon be moving to a new domain and home on the web.

That’s Epic Films of Santa Cruz . com

I started out using the “” to get an idea and feel for our new venture. What I have learned is that there are amazing stories all over this little coastal town.

Mike Ziegler once said “every Picture Tells a Story…Don’t It”

So moving pictures can tell amazing stories.

We use a combination of old school “tape” cameras along with new 4k video. It makes for an interesting way to tell stories, the History of this little town full of talented people.

We will be up and running at our new domain by June 1st 2017.

Until then please follow us here. That way it will make a smooth transition to our new web design.

Thanks Denny