Big Stick Logjam 2017

Thanks to Rainer for inviting me to this year’s “Big Stick Logjam 17” It was an amazing event. I met some real nice people and watched some “Epic Surfing”.

I watched an amazing paddle race. Check out the pictures to watch just how close and exciting the race was! I hoped to interview the winner but he went right back out on his board! My arms would have fallen off if I had paddled around that bouy! Great Race!


Christy Lynn In and Out

A couple days ago we finally got to pull out our 1987 Chris Craft 294 Catalina Express. A fancy title for an RV on the Ocean!

This boat takes us on amazing adventures which we plan to film!

Check out this video by Denise Freitas!

Thanks, Denny

Watching the Surfers at Steamer Lane

Denise, Desiree, Ethan and I stopped by the Surfing Museum. There were a lot of Surfers out today. We also got to see the O’Neil carefully navigating the rough waters. Always a great time when my daughter and Grandson come to visit.