Up at 5 am Ready to Go!

A lot Going on for a Sunday!

I woke up early ready to get busy. I want to take some pictures of the race on West Cliff Drive. Then post the pictures on my “Retired in Santa Cruz” Blog

Then head to the Boat and see if my repairs worked. Fingers Crossed!

Need to Share my Video of Paul’s work with Paul, Caroline and Ray.

And last but certainly not least call about “New House”

Oh yeah I need to Exercise ! I am getting the daily writing down, time to fix the body as well as the mind.


Boat Oil Change Day One

It has been like a job. The last 3 days or so I have been working on the “Christy Lynn” Well, actually it started about 10 days ago. I worked with Kevin to fix an oils leak that started at the close of fishing season last year.

With all the heavy rains and an active engine oil leak our bilge filled up with oily water. It is nice to be getting the boat ready for spring, but its been a lot of work. Make one repair just to uncover another problem, thats boat ownership.

However, I can’t complain. I work 3 to 4 hour days and my commute is on West Cliff Drive. Just a bit nicer than the 20 plus years commuting on the Altamont Pass!

So, of course I created a short video. My commute to the Harbor, working on the boat and heading home for the evening.

I hope you enjoy.