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Working with Bill and Roy

Yesterday I did my first recording using the new iPhone X and a 3 axis gimbal smartphone stabilizer. The gimbal was made by Zhiyun. It works great and is priced very reasonable​ at $129. on sale at Best Buy.

Thanks for watching,

Dennis R Freitas

Big Stick Logjam 2017

Thanks to Rainer for inviting me to this year’s “Big Stick Logjam 17” It was an amazing event. I met some real nice people and watched some “Epic Surfing”.

I watched an amazing paddle race. Check out the pictures to watch just how close and exciting the race was! I hoped to interview the winner but he went right back out on his board! My arms would have fallen off if I had paddled around that bouy! Great Race!

The Cement Boat at SeaCliff SB

The SS Palo Alto (“The Cement Boat”) is the most famous concrete ship on the west coast. The Palo Alto was built as an oil tanker by the San Francisco Shipbuilding Company in Oakland, California and launched May 29, 1919.

Cement Ship 7
Day After the Big Strom

She was mothballed in Oakland until 1929, when she was bought by the Seacliff Amusement Corporation and towed to Seacliff State Beach in Aptos, California. A pier was built leading to the ship in 1930, and she was sunk in a few feet in the water so that her keel rested on the bottom. There she was refitted as an amusement ship, with amenities including a dance floor, a swimming pool, and a café.

The company went bankrupt two years later during the Great Depression, and the ship cracked at the midsection during a winter storm. The State of California purchased the ship, and she was stripped of her fittings and left as a fishing pier. Following an attempt at restoration in the 1980s, she reopened for fishing for a few years, then closed again. The fishing pier opened to foot traffic once again in the summer of 2016 but later closed for repairs.

Nicknamed the “Cement Ship” Palo Alto today remains at Seacliff Beach and serves as an artificial reef for marine life. Pelicans and other seabirds perch on the wreck, sea perch and other fish feed on algae that grows in the shelter of the wreck, and sea lions and other marine mammals visit the wreck to feed on the fish.

This past winter with over 2 months of solid rain and very rough seas the cement ship has broken apart. It’s a sad sight. We have been coming to SeaCliff SB for over 20 years. We always enjoyed our walks out on the pier to look at the “Old Cement Ship”. The state has no plans to remove the old boat. They plan to let is just sink naturally.


Check out this amazing Drone Video

Watching the Surfers at Steamer Lane

Denise, Desiree, Ethan and I stopped by the Surfing Museum. There were a lot of Surfers out today. We also got to see the O’Neil carefully navigating the rough waters. Always a great time when my daughter and Grandson come to visit.

Rain Out in Santa Cruz

All last night and this morning we had heavy rains. I was already getting cabin fever. By 11 o’clock the rain had cleared and the skies were blue! So I loaded up the bike with all of the necessary items to go hang out on “West Cliff Drive”. What Items? I never leave without my best camera, my iPhone 6+ plus, I also bring the Nikon for those shots where I need to zoom in. I also pack plenty of H20 and someday’s I even bring my guitar.

I need to do this more often!

Today was one of those days.

My guitar playing has gone well since moving to Santa Cruz. I try to play each day. I find that the more I play the easier it is getting. Although I should never use the word easy when it comes to playing music. I have been working on a song I wrote, No Name Yet, and learning the song “Last Kiss” by the band Pearl Jam.

I was able to take a few pictures today. I tried for over an hour to get the perfect Whale Breach Picture but no luck. I did get a shot of the tail and him blowing off some steam. I met a few real nice people on “The Ride” who also were taking pictures of the Whales. They saw him breach a bit before I arrived.

Denise and I saw a Whale breach Sunday afternoon. We were either returning from the “She is Beautiful” Running Race or returning from the Harbor. It was a small Whale, but always cool to see one breach the water they way they do.

Felix The Swan
Felix the Swan

Tonight Denise is working on acquiring a Bench for the soon to be moved “Felix the Swan” if you want to help the cause visit our website: Coming Soon.

Have a Great Day,


She is Beautiful Run/Bike Ride

So today has been great, well worth the 5 o,clock start time.

So where to start , Denise and I rode our bikes to see the Women’s 5k and  10k run. It was cool we saw them setting up, the leader passed us early on in the Ride and we hung out at the Fair, it was set up at the Surfing Museum. We took a ton of pictures and videos.


They had a cool setup. EpicCenter Bicycle’s was their giving out $10. coupons! We bought our bikes there. The best purchase we could have made. They had a rock climbing wall, yoga instructors ready to teach you how to do yoga an more! Check out videos on Vimeo for more.

We had a good time. But we left early. Off to continue work on our boat!

It was great to see all the family members and volunteers supporting the race. Check out our video below and watch the crowd cheer on the runners! Also check out our Vimeo Channel: (Ignore the “YourMacShow” Title I don’t do Mac Tutorials anymore)

Here is a picture of both winners:

Race Winners

The setting here is amazing for outdoor activities.

West Cliff Drive is the coolest street!

Check out the Map of the races

10k Race

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 5.02.41 PM.png

Photography by Paul Klopp

Enjoy the pictures by clicking Read More.

Paul and Caroline Klopp have lived at the De Anza Resort for many years. Nearly 20 years ago Paul had purchased a Digital Camera. He was asked by the De Anza Park staff to use his new found talent as a new photographer to take picture for the brand new clubhouse and office. He did such a great jobs the pictures still are featured art work.

Sony Cyber Shot 2-1
Here is his Camera. 2.1 MegaPixel “Old School”

I love seeing beautiful pictures printed and framed, with todays technology what it is today most people show you pictures on their phones. Thats all cool, but we lost the true art of photography using these devices.

I really enjoyed looking at Paul’s pictures at the Saint Patrick’s Day party last night and wanted to share them with the world. Check out his work below.


*Also time for a fun fact. The Swans in Paul’s Pictures were named by his wife, Caroline.

Get ready to meet Felix and Oscar.


Dennis Ray Freitas