Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor Boat yard

After a couple of months of debate and many conversations, we have decided to not sell the “ole Christy Lynn” We looked at several boats and nothing was as nice as our Chris Craft!

So, I finally made the decision to keep my 1987 Chris Craft 294. I had a lot of offers but in the end, I believe it is the best fit for me and my family.

The boat was pulled out last Friday by Tim at the Santa Cruz Boat Yard. He did an amazing job pressure washing the bottom of the boat. It is great to be able to take care of so many items while the boat is up on jack stands.

I have been working with Ray from Ray’s Boat and Sanding. From the being, he has clearly laid out his plan to paint the bottom of the boat along with changing the blue colored stripe to black.

The boat yard has turned out to be an amazing resource. I have been able to meet people to help with all my boat issues.

I even was able to get Captain Joe Rodgers to finish my survey that was originally conducted in the water, just over a year ago.

Johnson and Hicks are putting in a new transducer and hooking up my “Furumo” Depth finder and fish finder.

Well, and me, I have been sanding and polishing 4 to 5 hours each day since the boat has been out of the water.

Please check out the video of a day in the “Boat Yard” …


Sandbar at Harbor Mouth No Problem

This time last year there was a major problem with shoaling at the harbor mouth, This year the brand new “Twin Lakes” Dredge is doing a fine job. But still comes with its challenges.

A large sandbar has again formed at the mouth of the Santa Cruz Harbor, stranding some boats inside. Not only is this sand causing problems at the entrance. Several boat slips are also shoaled in, this hurts us because we are looking for a full time slip.

The entrance has been shoaled because of strong storm activity. With just a small channel opened up and the up coming weekend forecast, this is not a good weekend for boating.

If you have never had a chance to watch the Dredge and Dredge Crew in action it is worth hanging out and checking out their operation. It is an amazing system that requires a lot of hard work.

If you want to watch I recommend viewing from the platform between the Crow’s Nest Restaurant and the Little store. This spot is nice. Plenty of seating and you are sheltered from the wind.

Last year the Harbor had major problems with sand. The old dredge was finally retired and now they have a brand new one that really does the job. Unfortunately just after they bought the Big Dredge “Twin Lakes” the smaller support dredge lost an engine. They have since repaired the “Dauntless” and they operation is back up and running smooth.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 6.50.09 AM
The Dauntless – The boat that supports the bid Dredge! 

These photos below, were take June 2016. This is “Twin Lakes” the brand new dredge that the harbor purchased. It was quite the operation to have it delivered and assembled right here in front of the launch ramp. We watched it go together and captured many pictures and videos. Here are just a few.

Boat Oil Change Day One

It has been like a job. The last 3 days or so I have been working on the “Christy Lynn” Well, actually it started about 10 days ago. I worked with Kevin to fix an oils leak that started at the close of fishing season last year.

With all the heavy rains and an active engine oil leak our bilge filled up with oily water. It is nice to be getting the boat ready for spring, but its been a lot of work. Make one repair just to uncover another problem, thats boat ownership.

However, I can’t complain. I work 3 to 4 hour days and my commute is on West Cliff Drive. Just a bit nicer than the 20 plus years commuting on the Altamont Pass!

So, of course I created a short video. My commute to the Harbor, working on the boat and heading home for the evening.

I hope you enjoy.


The Christy Lynn

Retired to Santa Cruz…I had to have a boat.

So my first order f business was to find a new boat and get a slip at the Santa Cruz Harbor.

Now you need to understand I know nothing about boats. Hell, I can’t even swim. But what the heck it has always been my dream to live in Santa Cruz and if you’re going to do it you may as well go all in.

So I started my research. I was on every boating site I could find. I joined a few boating forums and started asking questions about how and where to start.