Watching the Surfers at Steamer Lane

Denise, Desiree, Ethan and I stopped by the Surfing Museum. There were a lot of Surfers out today. We also got to see the O’Neil carefully navigating the rough waters. Always a great time when my daughter and Grandson come to visit.


Hanging Out with My Grandson

Today I spent the day with my Daughter and Grandson. We started out with bike rides around De Anza Park.


The video below was taken about 8am. Looked a little to rough to take the boat out today. Looks like we will have to postpone the Whale Watching till next month.

After we cruised around the hood we made our way to the Harbor to check out how the entrance looked. I have seen boats flipped over this time of year. Aldo I watch a few boats get stuck on sandbars. Check out the Video of the Dredging operation:

We were hoping to get out on the water today! But not only were the Sea’s not cooperating, but we had problems with the boat again. We walked on West Cliff Drive looking for wildlife, but I think the rain scared them away this morning.

After a frustrating time at the boat the kids went to play games at the board walk.

Great day so far and the night is young!!