Moving Video Hosting to YouTube

I met a former computer engineer today who suggested I move my videos from my own hosting service over to YouTube. After he explained I completely understand.

Retired in Santa Cruz is a simple videography site where I quickly capturing an interesting story. “When I see it I shoot it”. I was not using youtube because I didn’t want it to be in today’s social media frenzy.

I would rather have it on my own web domain. That way if the people I am filming are not OK with it then, I have total control to remove it. I feel as if Facebook and Youtube is being watched by way too many people.

That is why I was using Vimeo along with a simple site.

WordPress is a great community of mostly Bloggers and I like it being simple and low key.

However, I am now going to start up a youtube channel.

Thanks, Denny


Move from Retired in Santa Cruz…


Hi Everyone, Thank you all for stopping by my “Retired in Santa Cruz” WordPress site.

We will soon be moving to a new domain and home on the web.

That’s Epic Films of Santa Cruz . com

I started out using the “” to get an idea and feel for our new venture. What I have learned is that there are amazing stories all over this little coastal town.

Mike Ziegler once said “every Picture Tells a Story…Don’t It”

So moving pictures can tell amazing stories.

We use a combination of old school “tape” cameras along with new 4k video. It makes for an interesting way to tell stories, the History of this little town full of talented people.

We will be up and running at our new domain by June 1st 2017.

Until then please follow us here. That way it will make a smooth transition to our new web design.

Thanks Denny

Photography by Paul Klopp

Enjoy the pictures by clicking Read More.

Paul and Caroline Klopp have lived at the De Anza Resort for many years. Nearly 20 years ago Paul had purchased a Digital Camera. He was asked by the De Anza Park staff to use his new found talent as a new photographer to take picture for the brand new clubhouse and office. He did such a great jobs the pictures still are featured art work.

Sony Cyber Shot 2-1
Here is his Camera. 2.1 MegaPixel “Old School”

I love seeing beautiful pictures printed and framed, with todays technology what it is today most people show you pictures on their phones. Thats all cool, but we lost the true art of photography using these devices.

I really enjoyed looking at Paul’s pictures at the Saint Patrick’s Day party last night and wanted to share them with the world. Check out his work below.


*Also time for a fun fact. The Swans in Paul’s Pictures were named by his wife, Caroline.

Get ready to meet Felix and Oscar.


Dennis Ray Freitas


Rock Art on West Cliff Dr

Amazing Art Work. They just appeared a couples days ago. I was driving my dually on the way to the harbor, when I pulled into an empty parking spot. I spent the next 30 minutes taking pictures and videos of this incredible display of “Rock Art” adding to the already beauty of driving on “West Cliff Drive” !