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Health Kit via Apple Watch 3rd generation

Apple Watch pairing to iPhone X

Apple has always been known for their innovation. I have always used most of Apple’s products. I want to tell you about something that I never thought I would see. Apple has a heart monitor on your wrist with the Apple watch.

With the release of the 3rd generation Apple Watch one day you will be able to have that watch call 911 if your heart goes into an irregular rhythm.

I spent 20 years as a Paramedic/Firefighter. I was involved with the introduction of Defibulators on Fire Engines. So I understand how far this technology has come. We used to have to yell “CLEAR.”

I have been using the new Apple Watch for a few months, and I watch my heart rate each day.

I realize we are a few years away, but it will happen.


Losing Weight

I feel like I am counting my chickens before they’ve hatched. However, I am too excited not to say this. I have lost 10 pounds. I started a new year resolution back on the first of the month.

2018 is the year I lose this extra weight and keep it off!

It has been relatively easy or at least I haven’t felt inconvenienced. Some days when I work out hard and not eat properly, I feel a bit sick. I also get tired and even angry.

So I try to eat by 2 pm period. If I am doing less physical work, it is easier to manage your diet.

What I have learned in this first month of this new year is, ​I can lose this weight and feel better.

Something I can also say is I feel way more energetic. I was always tired and simply weighed down.

I am excited to see how low I can go!

Ok, I am off to play roller hockey in Monterey

Have A Great Night,

Business​ and Life is Good

Looking back, I had a great week and am fired up to get started this Monday morning.

Along with taking care of my regular Bi-Weekly clients, I also completed my first “Landscape Clean Up/Front Yard Staging” for a local real estate sales company.

The yard came out great. The owner was a big help in completing the project on time. Both the owner and the listing agents were happy with the results.

Second Week 2018 071

I also interviewed for two other jobs, one I got one I didn’t that is batting .500%. I will take that every week this new year!

The job I got is one that could lead to many others. I am so thankful and proud that this new venture is growing so fast. I only started with property management and home care last September!


Second Week 2018 046
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The weekend was even better. Friday my wife was able to find her dream car. A sweet black Cadillac CTS. She is very excited.

Denise Caddy

We decided to take a drive on Saturday. What started out as a trip to Monterey to watch the whales, ending up being a trip to Downtown Los Gatos. Here is where I got my dream device. I bought the newest iPhone X.

iPhone X

Check out my other website for a review of this amazing new phone.

Lastly, we also had some of the most incredible surf and sunsets I have seen since moving to Santa Cruz.

Okay, Time to get to work.

Have a great Week,


Santa Cruz Apple User Group Update

He everyone! Thanks for visiting.

I was hoping to get busy this weekend and create the rest of the video tutorials. However, I am suffering from a cold this morning. This will slow down my progress. 🙂

I need to record at least two more screencasts, with regards to creating a macOS High Sierra Bootable USB thumb drive.

This little device will make your computer like brand new!

I will have my USB stick at our meeting on February 13th, 2018. I am happy to walk anyone thru the process and even loan out my Installer.

Again just a reminder we meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the DeAnza Mobile Home Park Clubhouse.

If you need any Apple gear for the upcoming meeting, please let me know a couple of days in advance. I have over ten years of collecting Mac and iOS devices. This includes cords, adapters, monitors, batteries, etc.

This month we will continue to learn the latest macOS. Also, talk about using the Application 1Password.



Santa Cruz Apple User Group Meeting Web Site

Upgrade or Downgrade-That is the question

What to Do?

As you can clearly see in this photo, my iPhone 6 Plus has seen better days. I was that guy who would have to have every new iPhone that hit the market. I even spent the night at an AT&T store for one of the original iPhones.

Broken iPhone 6 plus

This morning I am faced with a tough decision. Rather than running to the local Apple store to buy the new iPhone X I am considering reactivating my older iPhone 5s.

Of course, this comes with some trade off’s. Touch ID is much slower to respond, no “Hand-Off,” Low quaily camera and more. One good reason to make this downgrade is Apple is offering free battery replacements for older iPhones. This will help with the new iOS 11.

Wireless Charging

I must admit I want the iPhone X, along with the Air Pods! Also since I have an Apple watch series 3, I am very interested in the iPhone X flat charging pod. How simple would it be to simply lay down your iPhone, Apple Watch and the Air Pods all on one charging device at the end of a long day?

Another factor is the fact that it is very expensive to replace my iPhone 6 plus broken screen with the Verizon insurance my deductible is nearly $300 dollars!

SO today I have a tough choice!

Have a Great Day,


Fire Engine Crash San Mateo Bridges

Bridge Accident in a fire engine. We crashed in the rain on a very high bridge over the ocean bay area. We were all lucky to survive.

Till this day I thank god I am alive.

Give this a listen! FireCast Interview from 2006

It’s a little over 10 minutes​ an audio​ telephone interview I did with Fire Engineering​ Talk Radio. Thanks to Chief Tom and the crew for doing such a great job educating Firefighters.

The link is safe. I have hosted Podcast on for over 10 years.


Also Thanks again to Fire Engineering.