After 3 near death experiences it’s time to “Retire in Santa Cruz”

So here I sit writing my blog post on my 15 inch MacBook Pro while watching Sunday night football on my Samsung LED flat screen TV in my tiny house in Santa Cruz, CA that is located about 900 yards from our own private beach.

Sound like I am bragging a bit. Well, yup I sure am. But I am bragging to make a point why aren’t you doing this? You need to at least be planning fo this.

Did I mention that I am 53 years old (this April) and retired?

Well, it’s all true.

I am also a high school drop out. Not just any high school drop out. I am a 3rd grade drop out.

The moral of this story if I can do this anyone can do this.

If you are interested in learning more about my story and how you can achieve anything you want in this world of opportunity. I have another blog I have started. Simply “DennisRayFreitas” is more focused on what’s going on in my life now. is where you will find my story.

I hope that I will be able to help inspire you to chase your dreams and never give up! Even when the odds seem stacked so high against you that no ladder on earth will reach the top of your mess.

Oh and by the way I had to battle cancer…twice.

I hope you can find inspiration in my blog. I just want to let the average Joe you have a chance at accomplishing your dreams.

This was one of many of my dreams to live in Santa Cruz. As close as I could get to the Pacific Ocean. Or the “Pathetic Ocean” as my youngest daughter would say.

I suffer from OCD, ADD and way to many hits to the head. I never know what I am going to post here, but I know it will be fun.

Lastly, Let me tell you what ever your dreams… it can be done!

Thanks for visiting,


Dennis Freitas


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