Losing Weight

I feel like I am counting my chickens before they’ve hatched. However, I am too excited not to say this. I have lost 10 pounds. I started a new year resolution back on the first of the month.

2018 is the year I lose this extra weight and keep it off!

It has been relatively easy or at least I haven’t felt inconvenienced. Some days when I work out hard and not eat properly, I feel a bit sick. I also get tired and even angry.

So I try to eat by 2 pm period. If I am doing less physical work, it is easier to manage your diet.

What I have learned in this first month of this new year is, ​I can lose this weight and feel better.

Something I can also say is I feel way more energetic. I was always tired and simply weighed down.

I am excited to see how low I can go!

Ok, I am off to play roller hockey in Monterey

Have A Great Night,


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