Upgrade or Downgrade-That is the question

What to Do?

As you can clearly see in this photo, my iPhone 6 Plus has seen better days. I was that guy who would have to have every new iPhone that hit the market. I even spent the night at an AT&T store for one of the original iPhones.

Broken iPhone 6 plus

This morning I am faced with a tough decision. Rather than running to the local Apple store to buy the new iPhone X I am considering reactivating my older iPhone 5s.

Of course, this comes with some trade off’s. Touch ID is much slower to respond, no “Hand-Off,” Low quaily camera and more. One good reason to make this downgrade is Apple is offering free battery replacements for older iPhones. This will help with the new iOS 11.

Wireless Charging

I must admit I want the iPhone X, along with the Air Pods! Also since I have an Apple watch series 3, I am very interested in the iPhone X flat charging pod. How simple would it be to simply lay down your iPhone, Apple Watch and the Air Pods all on one charging device at the end of a long day?

Another factor is the fact that it is very expensive to replace my iPhone 6 plus broken screen with the Verizon insurance my deductible is nearly $300 dollars!

SO today I have a tough choice!

Have a Great Day,



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