Santa Cruz Boat Yard a Week Later

WOW, I feel like I have a full time job again! When I was young I started in the workforce early. At 13 years I was old prepping cars for paint jobs. Of course, it wasn’t long before I was doing the painting. It was a fun, artist job. I miss that type of work. Later today I need to pick the boat name and get it the striping tape.

I choose Black and Red stripes to replace the old original Chris Craft Blue. Of course, those two colors are the most expensive and hardest to apply. Red is a very transparent color and black shows every little defect.

So, needless to say, I have been super busy all last week. Leaving no time for blogging. I did get some great simple footage. That is posted on youtube. Yes, I finally broke down and went back to youtube and Facebook.

I mention this in an earlier post. I am not a fan of today’s social media. I do admit however it is more difficult to have your own “Blogging Space”

Have a great day,


Here is a video about a 1920s fishing boat. He said one day i can meet the owner who is 89 years old!


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