Great Days Ahead!!

I have approval from the owner of Bay Side Marine Bait and Tackle Shop to create an “Epic Films of Santa Cruz” creation “Casual Catch” no its not Alaska but its hard to crab in these waters. Salmon are tough to catch. Captain Mike Schell has been both Fishing and Surfing these waters.

Every Thursday Mike now works at the infamous Bayside Marine Bait Shop! I moved here 6 months ago, and after one afternoon with mike at the Bait shop. I met several Skippers, surfers and other characters you will come to know.

I am excited about the opportunity to tell the stories of legendary  fisherman, awesome surfs, cool sailboat and a wonderful Monterey Bay.

The Monterey Bay will be film from Go Pros Mounted on my 1987 Chris Craft Catalina 294 Express. Not to mention the Biking and Walking.

This area, Santa Cruz is simply “Heaven on Earth!

Thanks and Stay Tuned!!


@dennisrfreitas on InstaGram


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