Raiders Move…Again

Yesterday it became official the Oakland Raiders are moving, again. The last time this happened was 1982, I was 18 years old and a huge Oakland Raiders Fan.

I was devastated, the Raiders had just won the Super Bowl. Thier 2nd in 5 years. They were a great team. Back in those days they were the kind of team that did anything to win. Many people thought they were “Renegades” but the simple fact is, they just did what it took to win.

They hired people that didn’t fit in with other teams in the NFL. They didn’t follow the same rules. Thier coach John Madden just asked the team for one thing “Come game time, give it everything you got” and Al Davis the team owner said “Just Win” and thats what they did!

2 minute warning

I learned a lot from that team. I lived my life the same way if you want to get ahead in life or in this case football. Just “Work Hard & Win”

Many people dislike the Raiders because they have a bizarre fan base. But when you look at this team they have always tried to win.

The last 10 years have be challenging. I am the first to admit it hasn’t been any fun to watch this great organization go through such tough times.

Well, things are finally changing. I hope this move to Las Vegas doesn’t take away from the “Greatness of the Raiders”

I know it won’t for me!


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