Rain Out in Santa Cruz

All last night and this morning we had heavy rains. I was already getting cabin fever. By 11 o’clock the rain had cleared and the skies were blue! So I loaded up the bike with all of the necessary items to go hang out on “West Cliff Drive”. What Items? I never leave without my best camera, my iPhone 6+ plus, I also bring the Nikon for those shots where I need to zoom in. I also pack plenty of H20 and someday’s I even bring my guitar.

I need to do this more often!

Today was one of those days.

My guitar playing has gone well since moving to Santa Cruz. I try to play each day. I find that the more I play the easier it is getting. Although I should never use the word easy when it comes to playing music. I have been working on a song I wrote, No Name Yet, and learning the song “Last Kiss” by the band Pearl Jam.

I was able to take a few pictures today. I tried for over an hour to get the perfect Whale Breach Picture but no luck. I did get a shot of the tail and him blowing off some steam. I met a few real nice people on “The Ride” who also were taking pictures of the Whales. They saw him breach a bit before I arrived.

Denise and I saw a Whale breach Sunday afternoon. We were either returning from the “She is Beautiful” Running Race or returning from the Harbor. It was a small Whale, but always cool to see one breach the water they way they do.

Felix The Swan
Felix the Swan

Tonight Denise is working on acquiring a Bench for the soon to be moved “Felix the Swan” if you want to help the cause visit our website: Coming Soon.

Have a Great Day,



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