She is Beautiful Run/Bike Ride

So today has been great, well worth the 5 o,clock start time.

So where to start , Denise and I rode our bikes to see the Women’s 5k and  10k run. It was cool we saw them setting up, the leader passed us early on in the Ride and we hung out at the Fair, it was set up at the Surfing Museum. We took a ton of pictures and videos.


They had a cool setup. EpicCenter Bicycle’s was their giving out $10. coupons! We bought our bikes there. The best purchase we could have made. They had a rock climbing wall, yoga instructors ready to teach you how to do yoga an more! Check out videos on Vimeo for more.

We had a good time. But we left early. Off to continue work on our boat!

It was great to see all the family members and volunteers supporting the race. Check out our video below and watch the crowd cheer on the runners! Also check out our Vimeo Channel: (Ignore the “YourMacShow” Title I don’t do Mac Tutorials anymore)

Here is a picture of both winners:

Race Winners

The setting here is amazing for outdoor activities.

West Cliff Drive is the coolest street!

Check out the Map of the races

10k Race

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 5.02.41 PM.png


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